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Sound Engineer Jobs
Audio Engineer Jobs

What does a sound engineer do Professional sound engineers are responsible for operating and maintaining sound recording or broadcast equipment. They may work with musical artists, movie directors, television news stations and radio stations. The goal of this profession is to ensure that any recording or broadcast has high-quality, crystal-clear sound.

Sound engineering is a highly technical job. Becoming an audio engineer requires excellent computer skills and proficiency in working with electronic equipment. Audio engineers must coordinate with video technicians, editors, performers and directors to create professional-quality audio.

Audio engineers may be required to travel to different locations to perform on-site sound engineering tasks. Flexibility and adaptability are key in this profession because sound engineers may have to work with music, spoken dialogue and other forms of audio input.


  • Set up, maintain, operate and repair audio recording/broadcast equipment
  • Choose appropriate audio equipment to use for various situations
  • Coordinate with directors, editors, video operators and other sound engineers
  • Stay informed of new developments in sound engineering
  • Plan and schedule work in an efficient and effective manner

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