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Music Careers
Music Careers

What does a songwriter do? Professional songwriters often engage in many different tasks to earn a living. Most of their work centers on creating ideas for new songs and then composing and arranging new music. Many songwriters also write lyrics to accompany the music that they create.

Songwriting can be a very busy profession. Because they work in the music industry, many songwriters work long hours, especially on nights and weekends. They must attend meetings with artists, record producers, agents and record company executives to market their music. They must also have a keen sense of new music trends and explore many different music styles to create appealing songs. Songwriters who also perform music may go on tour, record songs and collaborate with other artists.


  • Practice playing and performing music

  • Generate new song ideas

  • Transcribe music into printed notation

  • Record, mix and master songs

  • Market music to agents, record companies and artists

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