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Music Therapy Careers
Music Therapy Careers

What does a music therapist do? Most music therapy jobs are filled by clinicians who work with clients. They work with people to help them with physical, emotional and psychological issues or disorders. Sometimes a client is referred to a music therapist by a general practitioner or other health care professional. Others seek out this unique type of therapy on their own as a means to remedy stress or improve their communication skills. Music therapists frequently work with clients who have cognitive or physical impairments. Regardless of their age or situation, many of these clients experience a more meaningful, richer life because of music therapy.

Employment can be found in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, community centers and prisons. Depending upon where they work, the music therapist may interact with other health care providers. Where the therapist works largely determines how they spend their days. Here's what a day in the life of a music therapist look like.


  • Prepare for classes and therapy sessions by going over notes from previous sessions, choosing instruments and practicing music. Make certain that prerecorded music and worksheets or other activities are ready.

  • If there is time before classes or therapy sessions, check and respond to emails.

  • Have one
  • on
  • one or group sessions with clients or teach classes.

  • Write songs or record new tracks.

  • Take care of paperwork and office management.

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