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Booking Agent Careers
Music Agent Careers

What does a booking agent do? Booking agents frequently work in chaotic, disorganized atmospheres. Nonetheless, they must be highly organized themselves. Moreover, they must deal with a multitude of details and demonstrate grace under pressure.

The life of the booking agent is filled with challenges. Those who enter this field do so because they are passionate about music. To them, it's worthwhile to put in the time and effort. They believe in their clients and are excited about their work.

The booking agent works closely with musicians and other related professionals. Among these are the band's attorney, who handles the complex legal portion of negotiations, and the business manager. Occasionally, the booking agent fulfills a dual role, acting as the agent and manager. Additionally, most booking agents work with a publicist to ensure that their clients are getting media exposure.

Typically, an agent is responsible for scheduling a client's performances. This may mean scouting out venues and negotiating the terms of reserving the venue. Agents make travel arrangements, and when a client is touring, it may fall to the agent to oversee the road crew. Financial matters are also sometimes handled by the agent.

From midmorning until late at night, the booking agent keeps busy. A typical day might look like this:

  • Check voice mails and emails

  • Call concert promoters to let them know when a client is available in the promoter's geographic area

  • Establish tour routes, working with local venues to reserve them

  • Review offers made by promoters, the details of which may include the performer's pay and performance expectations

  • Share the promoters' offers with the musician's management

  • Choose which offers will be accepted and which will be foregone

  • Attend shows, either those given by current clients or prospective new talent

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